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Collaborative Project

Sustainable and cost-efficient
lightweight aluminum construction
for mobility applications

Lead Partner

Collaborative Project

In addition to energy-efficient drives, lightweight construction materials are the key for a reduction in environmental pollution and resource efficiency in mobility. To increase the lightweight construction potential in structural applications, high-strength Wrought aluminum alloys play a dominant role. When assessing resource efficiency and the CO2 reduction potential must not only include operational CO2 emissions be considered, but also the production-related emissions of the structural components, resource consumption and sustainability are assessed holistically. In this context The focus is on secondary aluminum alloys, as these alloys allow up to 95% of CO2 emissions to be saved compared to primary material.

Project members

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Audi AG

Development, production and sales of automobiles and accessories
Project share: Qualification on demonstrators & potential assessment


Otto Fuchs KG

Production of aluminum forged and extruded components
Part of the project: efficient forming of the secondary wrought alloys


TRIMET Aluminium SE

Production of aluminum alloys and recycling of aluminum scrap
Project share: Recycling of aluminum and production of secondary wrought alloys


Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Technical Faculty
Material Properties and Microstructure
Part of the project: Characterization of material properties and microstructure


cleansort GmbH

Laser-based cleaning and sorting systems
Project share: Sorting mixed aluminum scrap


Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH

Laser-based cleaning and sorting systems
Project share: Sorting mixed aluminum scrap


Matplus GmbH

Simulation and digitization
part of the project: material simulation and material databases


The process in symbolic images

Unsorted aluminum scrap
Source: Heiko Kueverling/shutterstock.com
Sorting system in the technical center
Source: cleansort GmbH
LIBS analysis modules
Source: cleansort GmbH
Calculation of alloys
Source: Matplus GmbH
Calculation of alloys
Source: Matplus GmbH
Continuous cast aluminum
Source: Otto Fuchs KG
Forging aluminum
Source: Otto Fuchs KG
Aluminum structure (REM-BSD)
Source: FAU-WW1
Aluminum structure (color etching)
Source: FAU-WW1
Forged aluminum rim
Source: Otto Fuchs KG
Vehicle with aluminum chassis components
Source: Audi AG